Free Randy Credico

(Albany, NY) Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, called today for the immediate release of fellow candidate Randy Credico and the dismissal of all charges.

Credico was arrested and detained over night in New York City when he began to videotape two white men aggressively stopping a Black man. The men, who were apparently plain clothes transit cops, then arrested Credico.

Americans have the constitutional right to videotape cops in public places. Such taping is critical to help reduce the problem of police violence against citizens, particularly people of color and those who politically dissent. Such as the recent videotaping of the police killing Eric Garner.

In addition the New York Police Department Patrol Guide states that “taking photographs, videotapes or tape recordings” is not cause for arrest or detention so long as the activity does not jeopardize the safety of officers or others.

Federal court rulings in Baltimore, Boston and Indianapolis have affirmed that recording officers in public places is protected by the Constitution.

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