Hawkins To Discuss Priority Audits

Hawkins to discuss Audits he wants to do as an Independent Watchdog

Who: Howie Hawkins, Green candidate for Syracuse City Auditor

What: News Conference

When: Wednesday, October 28 at 11:00 am

Where: Green Party Office, 2013 E. Genesee St., Syracuse

Howie Hawkins will release and discuss a list of priority topics for audits and special projects he want to pursue as City Auditor.

Among the audits he will discuss is an external audit of the Syracuse City Auditor's Office, which the city charter requires every other year, but which has not been done for decades.

“The City Auditor's Office should be an independent watchdog for city taxpayers and residents. It's the city voters' public interest research group. As a Green in a city where every elected official is now a Democrat, I will enter the office clean of any personal obligations to the people or the party currently making decisions as to how money is spent and what the policy priorities are. I want to prioritize audits that address the big problems the city faces, such as the timeliness of financial reporting and its impact on budget management and the costs of doing business on a daily basis with lenders and contractors, including external auditors,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins is challenging the incumbent Democrat, Marty Masterpole, in a two-way race. No Republican is running.

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