Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform Endorse Howie Hawkins for Governor. Third NYC Democratic Club Endorsement This Week

(Brooklyn, NY) - On Wednesday, October 15th, the Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform endorsed Howie Hawkins for Governor becoming the third Democratic club in the past week to endorse the Green Party candidate for Governor.

Earlier in the week the Village Independent Democrats and theJim Owles Liberal Democratic Club endorsed Green Party Governor candidate Howie Hawkins. It was the first time any of these three clubs have endorsed a non-Democrat for any office.

More and more Democrats are disaffected with Governor Cuomo's record and are finding a home in the Green Party candidate's campaign.

"These endorsements from three of  New York City's leading progressive Democratic clubs, are proof that my run for office continues to gain momentum as more attention is paid to it and progressives disaffected with Governor Cuomo and Albany corruption are finding a home in my campaign and my platform," said Hawkins. "Progressive New Yorkers are realizing I'm the only progressive running for Governor. The only candidate that will ban fracking, fight for a $15 minimum wage and fairness for the 99%, while focusing on New York becoming a world leader in climate action by going to 100% clean energy by 2030 which will create millions of jobs."

"Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform (PHDR) is dedicated to endorsing candidates who support the average Brooklynite. We have straight-forward values: People should get paid fairly for their work. Right now, our state government seems more interested in enriching people who get overcompensated for their work. The current governor’s policies are closer in line with the GOP than with our Democratic Party values," said PHDR's President Raul Rothblatt. "We also feel the Governor failed to live up to his campaign promises of fighting corruption. The failure of the Moreland Commission is just the most egregious example of why voters in Brooklyn are angry with Governor Cuomo."

Rothblatt continued, "We  want a candidate who understands the issues and could govern effectively. The current Governor has succeeded in pushing policies that increase income inequality. We want to feel good about the person we vote for. We believe that Mr. Hawkins will be more accessible and responsive to our neighbors and will champion  the  progressive values that PHDR members believe so strongly in. We are proud to endorse Howie Hawkins."

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