Statement by Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins on Cuomo Lying re nomination of the Independence Party

"If Cuomo can't tell us the truth about a little thing like the Independence Party line, what really big things is he lying about?" asked Howie Hawkins. "Maybe he is not telling the truth when people give him $40,000 campaign contributions that they don't expect a favor in return. Is it really just coincidence that 45 percent of his campaign donations came from donations of $40,000 or more and this year's budget cut business and estate taxes?"

"That's a question that must be asked of the Democratic Party as a whole whose state committee has received contributions of over $1 million from a hedge fund manager and a real estate magnate and routinely receives five and six figure donations from corporations like Time Warner, AT&T, Verizon, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Coca Cola, GE, and Pfizer," Hawkins said.

"Perhaps those donations explain why the state Democratic Committee tabled the resolution by Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs to have Democrats boycott the Independence line because its party leaders are trading it to make money for themselves," Hawkins added.

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